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kühn & weyh, founded in 1980, began as an individual software consultation company. Even today, we don't think of ourselves as merely a software developer of standard products for output management and document creation; instead, we think of ourselves as problem solvers. Just like a ship's Captain, who doesn't leave the ship until he has brought it home to safe waters, we won't stop working until you're satisfied.

We offer project support for a variety of operational areas, so we can support or even take over your project, in part or in whole. Generally, our consultation employees are qualified to take on tasks from a variety of different areas of operation. This allows us to keep the number of consultants handling your case to a minimum, and to complete the job as efficiently as possible.

Here you can find a summary of our services, provided by an experienced team of employees as part of project-based or continuous consultation services. They specialize in finding the solution that works for you, and are guaranteed to bring you safely into harbor.

Hello, I'm Volkmar Friauf, your Training and Consultation partner.

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