Our Cooperation Partners


A network of high quality experts

There are two basic principles which have kept kühn & weyh successful on the market as a software manufacturer and solutions provider:

  • Integration on a technical level
  • Personal partnerships and cooperation

Experience has proven: continuous, pioneering solutions are impossible without mastery of complex connections and overlapping processes. This is not a solo effort; it can only be achieved by expanding and enriching company core competencies with the services of partners - both in terms of our product portfolio as well as during implementation and project work. To this end, we have carefully curated a reliable network of business partnerships featuring high quality experts. Our partnerships can be split into three categories:

Series M/ Ecosystem partner solutions

Technical partnerships

Project partnerships

International partnerships

Maybe your services fit our partnership network?

Simply get in touch with me, Marco Leven,
your Partner Management Contact

E-Mail marco.leven(at)kwsoft.de

Tel +49 151 551 422 70

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