dydocon is an independent output management consulting company with locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since 2000 dydocon supports its clients in output management projects, since 2010 as official partner of kühn & weyh. 


dydocon pays attention to quality in the selection of its employees: dydocon consultants are excellent computer scientists who can be deployed in a variety of projects and have excellent communication skills. 


  • Programming of documents 
  • Migration of legacy systems 
  • System implementation 
  • Software development 
  • System analysis and performance tuning 

As a long-standing partner of k&w, dydocon has experienced experts for the entire k&w product range. In addition, project managers or certified Scrum-Masters can be provided on request. 

Reference projects (selection) 

Retirement Insurance Stuttgart 

Construction of a complete system 

Creation of a development environment and global development specifications for M/TEXT as well as setting up the workflows with M/OMS in close coordination with k&w in order to convert all customer correspondence to k&w products. 

Credit card company Munich 

Analysis, sub-project management and training 

Comprehensive analysis of the inventory system, preparation of a project plan for the customer and implementation of the plan in the role of technical project manager. 

On-site training of the internal staff. 

Insurance Cologne 

Consolidation, interactive document creation 

Consolidation of the heterogeneous document landscape after detailed analysis in series M/. Introduction of an interactive document creation for the use of the clerks. Implemented on the basis of M/Text, taking into account predefined workflows and with connection to the technical data pre-systems.