BITMARCK GmbH is the largest full-service provider in the IT market "statutory health insurance" with more than 1,400 employees and annual sales of over 286 million euros. The company implements intelligent IT solutions for company and guild health insurance companies as well as for DAK-Gesundheit and other substitute health insurance companies. 

kühn & weyh Software GmbH has been a certified partner of the BITMARCK group of companies in the area of OMS Plus since mid-September 2019. With the solutions M/TEXT and M/OMS, kühn & weyh Software GmbH offers a qualified successor solution for the expiring text solution WinBK of BITMARCK Software GmbH. 

kühn & weyh, Business Partner of BITMARCK since 2013, has successfully participated in the 2016/2017 tender "Partner Products for BITMARCK Software GmbH". The newly added product certification will further expand the partnership between kühn & weyh and BITMARCK. In addition, an even closer cooperation was agreed upon, which should ultimately benefit the health insurance companies that use the GKV standard BITMARCK_21c|ng.