semantics Kommunikationsmanagement GmbH employs an interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, linguists, text scientists and psychologists to develop web and text technologies that can be used to optimize large text volumes.

In concrete terms this means: a large number of text templates are analyzed, optimized and consolidated - often in the context of migration projects. The aim is to better structure the usually extensive volume of content and thus make it more manageable and easier to understand. This also includes professional editing work and the concrete improvement of speech quality in terms of clarity, comprehensibility and friendliness. These measures have a direct effect on improved customer communication: Inquiries and complaints decrease, customer satisfaction increases. A further field of work in this area of Customer Communications Management CCM is the planning and preparation of new communication channels such as portals, apps, SMS or responsive or interactive media.  

Our consultants successfully use semantics analysis tools for document analysis, for example to improve and accelerate the specification process for document templates.