We Always Find a Solution

The M/ Series' standard software components offer flexible combinations and high configurability. This means we can meet most of your specific requirements through application consulting, that is to say through consultation, design, and support for product-specific tasks such as:

  • Developing a framework
  • Model and document analysis
  • Design and documentation
  • Implementing templates and models

There are often additional requirements that must be met, for example interface programming, integrating your own software, or designing a company-specific document access option, or a document portal. No problem - our Custom Development Department will forge new paths for you. If you require additional project management support, our Business Consulting Department is here to help.

What can Application Consulting do for you?

Our Application Consulting employees take over all product-related work for your project. This includes, for example, mapping your document landscape, e.g. by carrying out a document analysis. Or, they compile your technical, professional, and functional requirements and outline solutions for you.
Our consultants support your project team by creating professional concepts relevant to your target groups. Afterwards, they implement these concepts by:

  • Creating a framework designed specifically to meet your requirements
  • Modeling the data from previous applications
  • Implementing text models and document templates
  • Setting up metadata, statistical information, and more to aid your document and output processes

Our specific approach will be discussed with you at the beginning of the project, so that we can take your personnel and structural requirements into account. For example, we offer continuous coaching, in which your employees work through all project steps themselves with access to coaching from our application consultants, or we can simply take over all implementation work until a specific goal has been reached.