Going Digital

Numerous companies already use digital communication to contact their customers. The M/ Series sets you on the right course.

HUK-COBURG Insurance

has known for years that insurance services can be offered and managed on a purely online basis - in fact, they've proved it with their subsidiary HUK24. But these days, even the parent company is shifting from physical to digital processes.

The energy service provider eprimo 

provides 'more customer communication at a lower cost.' By using their electronic customer portal and by sending notifications and reminders via SMS or email, they have already saved 20% of their printing and shipping costs - and the savings are growing.

IT service provider Pregis

carries out all communication processes between the company, external services, and customers digitally; seamlessly and without delay. Their solution proves that you don't need paper.

The Swiss health insurance provider Sanitas

introduced the M/ Series for output management and document creation, laying the foundation for customer communication in the future - reaching out to digital customers.