Environmentally Friendly Software

Optimization of print, output, and shipping processes

One of the central goals of our software programs and our customer consultation is optimizing efficiency in customer communication and associated document processes. Which is to say: saving time, money, and resources.

Digital communication

From an environmental perspective, the current trend of digitizing customer communication is one of the most effective ways to reduce

  • the amount of paper, and therefore wood, that your company uses, simply by sending an SMS, email, or using a customer portal
  • resource consumption by printers, use less toner and ink, etc. 
  • environmental impact re: transport and shipping by means of digital transfer.

Of course, digital communication also has an effect on the environment, what with increased energy and resource use, however it is without a doubt a huge step forward when compared to the production and shipment of printed paper, paper that is usually thrown away after use.

Corporate responsibility

As an IT service provider, kühn & weyh has always felt very strongly about investing in energy saving and environmentally friendly

  • For years now, our company headquarters has been powered solely using environmentally friendly wind and hydro power; we are a completely emission free, electrically powered management vehicle.
  • When configuring our hardware, we make sure to select energy efficient components
  • Our Consulting and Support departments use remote maintenance tools whenever possible, reducing travel costs
  • For sales presentations or other internal discussions, we regularly use screen sharing and other environmentally friendly services
  • Our company vehicles are always kept at the cutting edge of environmentally friendly vehicle technology

Many customers and partners have already started the digitization process with our M/ Series, and the number is growing.