M/ Series meets BPM

A simple task: integrate modern customer communication with the Camunda BPM...

The cooperation between Camunda GmbH and kühn & weyh Software GmbH connects two partners that complement one another perfectly when it comes to software technology. The goal is to quickly and efficiently integrate document creation and output management processes with business processes.

Camunda's main product is Camunda BPM, an open source business process management platform which designs and manages business processes. Camunda BPM is based on developer-friendly Java architecture, and is perfect for modern IT environments. The Camunda Engine uses standards such as BPMN 2.0 (Business Process Model and Notation), CMMN (Case Management Model and Notation) and DMN (Decision Model and Notation) to automate processes.

The M/ Series, an output management system with integrated document creation function, is responsible for digital and paper-based customer communication. That means: documents tailored individually for customers, sent via channels preferred by the customer. The M/ Series is also based on Java architecture, uses open source tools, implements tried and tested standards such as XML or webservices, and offices a comprehensive interface design for integration with superior processes.  

It works together perfectly with Camunda BPM, which, as a process management system, sends incoming document creation tasks to the M/ Series document services program. The program then works through the tasks in a rule-based manner, and provides the desired results, such as optimized print data for mail processing, PDF documents for the customer portal, statistical data for evaluation by the business development tool, and so on. Our customers are already taking advantage of this close technical and functional connection - a connection that, even though it is close, maintains full flexibility as per SOA standards.