We are now a certified BITMARCK partner

The Series M/ is the qualified successor solution for the discontinued WinBK.

kühn & weyh Software GmbH has been a certified partner of the BITMARCK group of companies in the area of OMS Plus since mid-September 2019. With the solutions M/TEXT and M/OMS, kühn & weyh Software GmbH offers a qualified successor solution for the expiring text solution WinBK of BITMARCK Software GmbH.

kühn & weyh, Business Partner of BITMARCK since 2013, has successfully participated in the 2016/2017 tender "Partner Products for BITMARCK Software GmbH". The newly added product certification will further expand the partnership between kühn & weyh and BITMARCK. In addition, an even closer cooperation was agreed upon, which should ultimately benefit the health insurance companies that use the GKV standard BITMARCK_21c|ng.