Project description

Task definition

Historically grown isolated applications and different legacy systems for word processing had to be replaced. The new standard solution had to be flexibly configurable for each workstation, from free letter writing to the production of individual customer letters at the push of a button - with maximum ease of use in each case. It goes without saying that the solution must also be economically viable.

Solution: Project "M" wins 3:1

With the "M" product series, the employees of the "M" project of the same name laid the foundation for more efficient and better customer communication. By replacing three legacy systems with a single text system, they were able to achieve three hits, as it were, and also integrate SAP and the electronic archive.


  • Improved profitability through time and personnel savings
  • Better handling - more quality in form and content
  • Integration with ERP system and archive
  • Higher operating standards - modern technology with 3-layer C-S architecture and middleware

Customer quote

The decision in favour of M/TEXT CS and kühn & weyh has paid off for BHW.