Digital Communication at HUK-COBURG

HUK24 - a resounding success

HUK Coburg implemented the idea of an online, digitally based insurance company very early, founding their subsidiary HUK24 in 2000. Their motto: "HUK24 offers easy computer access." Customers can sign up for insurance policies including car insurance, legal insurance, liability insurance and more online - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Any subsequent administration and assistance is also carried out digitally (via the internet). And customers have access to HUK's exceptional service. If they need to make a claim, customers have access to the 24 hour claim service offered by the HUK-COBURG insurance group. They can call, visit one of 38 service locations in person, or report the loss online.

The technical basis for this solution is a customer portal which archives PDF/A documents created by the Series M/ suite; insurance documents, invoices, notifications, and so on. If a new document is added to the portal, the customer receives an automatic email notification. In the event that the document is associated with a deadline, such as an invoice with a payment date, the customer receives an automatic reminder email if they do not view the document within a set period of time. If after that the customer still has not viewed the document, it is automatically printed and sent via post. HUK24's above average customer growth has long been proof that it is possible to operate a digital insurance service online. No piles of paper, no diversions, no waiting - the customer simply applies for insurance immediately online, and receives secure access to the insurance contracts. In the service area, the customer can view the contracts and simply and directly notify the company of any changes. The electronic mailbox provides secure and binding written communication between HUK24 and their customers.

Online invoices are placed in the customer portal, and the customer receives an email letting them know their invoice is available. Exemplary security: HUK24 meets the highest data security requirements, so all data is safe and confidential. Not only that, HUK24's insurance is cheaper! Customers profit from cheaper premiums made possible by digital processes that save the company money.

Digital trends at the HUK Insurance Group

The parent company is also anxious to introduce digital processes where they can be used to replace traditional methods. Of course, this requires a security solution, for example when sending and accessing documents.

GDV Industry Network

The GDV (German Insurance Association) industry network is one solution. It is used to exchange digital information between insurance companies, as well as within a network of service providers. Here, too, the Series M/ creates the required PDF documents based on the business transaction in question, and sends them on their way. Even those on the nationwide network who work with customers in person or on the telephone are increasingly using the email channel to send their documents.

Document Lifecycle Management (DLM) at HUK-COBURG

The 'letter factory'

Creation of written documents is organized across the company using the document service M/TEXT CS. The connected DLM provides all necessary administrative data and improves customer service. The letter factory produces individualized business documents in our corporate design. M/OMS, the output management system, takes over a variety of functions such as distributing content to output media, optimizing shipping costs, centralized archiving, fax and email connections, and more. The project 'New Computer Text Processing Text and Print' (CTV) has three core

  • Replacing the old host-based text system
  • Creation of a 'text machine' with output management that integrates all three system levels and can produce up to 50,000 documents online daily.
  • Migration to the new frontier of client/server applications.

M/TEXT has taken on important aspects of online production; it handles new design and we have reached important C/S milestones. Thanks to excellent cooperation with text and document professionals kühn & weyh, it won't be long before we have successfully entered a completely new world of technology.

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Jürgen Detsch, HUK-COBURG

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