Project Description

User Report

The ivv, Informationsverarbeitung für Versicherungen GmbH, is the IT service provider for public insurance companies. A team of approximately 370 employees serves approximately 8,000 users on the customer side.


Unification of all text systems - the previous technology is no longer suitable. Replace Isis Papyrus, ASF, i-Text, and Word. Implement modern requirements: integration with new Java architecture, improved customer service, increased operational stability, more economic value.


kühn & weyh were chosen for their:

  • expertise in the industry, as proven by a 'common language'
  • appropriate infrastructure for the complete solution
  • user friendly client
  • excellent references
  • practice-oriented license model 

The modules M/TEXT CS, M/OMS, and M/Workbench were implemented and the print path and other resources were connected via interfaces. After 6 months working on the project, it was introduced for 8,000 users without any mass training sessions required, as the system is largely self-explana­tory. Outlook: create additional input channels for OMS and web PDFs.


  • Saves on costs - one unified system for all documents
  • Innovation - strategically based on Java
  • Usability - intuitive operation, self-explanatory user interfaces

Customer Quote

For us, text processing does not mean simply opening Word, typing a letter, and then pressing 'Print' to send it to the closest printer. For us, text processing is a continuation of our business processes by automatically producing and outputting our business documents. For that reason alone, document creation and output management are very strategically important.

Holger Kast, ivv Project Manager