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Unfortunately, there is no such thing as 100% security, and this isn't likely to change. However, the M/ Series has all the tools you need to meet compliance requirements in the digital


  • Document processes - scalable and automated with very high system stability
  • Email - connection to DE mail and other secure digital channels
  • Legally binding signatures - integration of specialized signature solutions
  • Safer document access - customer portal with password protection.

The sooner you start digitizing your document processes and customer communication, the sooner you will notice the difference, and the more impressive your profit.

Mobility and reaction times

The 'digital customer' is mobile, has a great network, and uses digital means to contact a company. The M/ Series creates customized documents of all types, which is to say the documents you need in this, the new digital world, in order to reach your customers and let them reach


  • HTML output for email or SMS - optimized for mobile devices
  • PDF forms that can be filled out online, for instantaneous responses
  • PDF archiving documents (PDF/A), barrier free documents (PDF/UA) and more
  • Automatic comparison of invoice data with ZUGFeRD (central user guide for electronic invoices in Germany).

Environment and economy

  • Systematically reduce printing and shipping costs
  • Reduce resource consumption by printers, use less toner, ink, etc.
  • Reduce the amount of paper you use by sending SMS and emails, using customer portals, and so on
  • Minimize environmental impact re: transport and shipping, by means of digital transfers

Last but not least

In addition to the clear advantages provided by digital communication, the following is surely true:
what can be digitized, will be digitized. The digitization of society cannot be stopped, or rolled back - it will grow to encompass any and all suitable markets.  If you want to remain successful in the future, digitization is the only option. Our software has everything you need to meet Compliance requirements in the digital world.

The earlier you begin, the better off you will be. So many customers have already set their sails for digitization, and you can profit from their experience - we'll be happy to help!