Boost your Customer Communication

Customer Communication Management CCM with the Series M/

Successful CCM is based on the compilation of relevant content (content composition) and its customer-oriented delivery on physical and digital channels (omnichannel output management). 

The more individual the content is tailored to the individual customer (one-to-one marketing), the more relevant the message is for the recipient. It leaves him with a positive experience (customer experience) and establishes successful customer communication and customer loyalty. The Series M/ masters this principle and translates it into efficient communication processes.

Two challenges - one solution  

Those responsible for customer communication management (CCM) are faced with the challenge, 

  1. to optimize the existing, mostly print-based, customer communication qualitatively and economically, and  
  2. at the same time to develop a digital infrastructure for the customer communication of the future.

► This is how you reach your goal with the Series M/.

Technological market leader

kühn & weyh has acquired the technical market leadership with the series M/ through years of consistent further development and has become the leading provider in the field of creation, optimization and output of personalized digital & physical business documents. 

  • Series M/ is based throughout on new technology, completely Java EE 
  • It relies on standards such as Application Server, Eclipse,...
  • The HTML5 editor provides maximum flexibility for connecting employees to the system
  • Form and template design follows the declarative method 
  • Many interfaces offer high integration possibilities - SOA
  • Series M/ is a complete in-house development
  • Complete solution for document creation (content composition) + Omnichannel Output Management 

► Further technical highlights 

    Series M/ - the hub of document processes

    The concept and architecture of the series M/ make it the central hub of document processes in the company.

    • Seamless integration into the existing system landscape
    • Use of all available data sources for customer communication via a comprehensive interface concept 
    • Generation of any kind of business documents
    • High-performance processing even with high communication volumes with many users - our largest customers produce approx. 200 million pages per year or have connected over 100,000 users.
    • Uniform processing on the basis of central templates (corporate design) in every processing mode - online, dark or batch 
    • Omnichannel management for any type of digital or print output

    The document process from a single source

    kühn & weyh is the only German manufacturer to offer a CCM solution that provides document creation and output management in Java EE technology from a single source.

    This not only simplifies configuration and project management. The documents are already enriched with all necessary data and metadata during the creation process. Thus, all data is available to the system at the time of output in order to automatically generate the correct output format in the appropriate layout.  

    No more isolated solutions!

    Often other systems are responsible for batch processing than for interactive or online document creation, others for AFP printing, others for PDF output, etc. The series M/ has already replaced many such "historically grown" isolated solutions because it can handle any type of business document in any processing mode (batch, online, dark) in any quantity. Our customers benefit from the significantly better performance of the overall process, from the efficiency and clarity of central resource configuration, and finally from the establishment of a single enterprise-wide CCM solution that largely frees them from conversion problems.

    Documents that still have to be created by external systems can be imported via the input filters of the Output Management System M/OMS and processed together with all other documents.  

    With Series M/ Customer Communication Management, you immediately achieve noticeable functional and economic improvements in your day-to-day business and at the same time create the basis for exploiting the enormous potential of digital customer communication.

    The Series M/ Ecosystem

    A top-class partner network rounds off our range of functions and services in terms of capacity, specialist knowledge and out-of-the-box solutions. The intensive cooperation with our technology and consulting partners com­bines the IT industry knowledge of the market with the product know-how of the series M/. Thus, an ecosystem has been formed around our CCM, which complements and enriches the solution. As a customer, you benefit from optimal support for your tailor-made solution, which covers the required range of services exactly.

    ► Our partner network