Boost your Customer Communication

Customer Communication Management CCM with the Series M/

Digitalization requires fundamental changes to company processes - a digital transformation. Sectors such as banking, insurance, telecommu­nication, energy service providers and more are modernizing their communication processes, a central factor for future company success.
Those in charge of customer communication face

Two challenges:

  • Optimizing day to day business and cultivating existing customer relationships successfully, efficiently, and economically.
  • Creating customer communication infrastructure that will stand the test of time, and that will continue to reach clients in the future.

A Single Solution

A powerful output management system (OMS) and associated document creation system is your solution for meeting these challenges with ease, both quantitatively and with excellent quality standards. You will immediately notice the functional and economic improvements to your process, and, perhaps more importantly, you will be able to utilize the enormous potential made possible by digital customer communication management.

M/Series - The document processing platform

It's a simple principle

  • Integrate the product into existing systems and industry applications to process their data input
  • Centrally manage document creation across the entire company
  • Produce customized content in your corporate design
  • Optimize output and send physical or digital copies according to customer preference

The principle in practice

kühn & weyh is the market leader for OMS technology, and our Series M/ stands for high quality communication that is simple to manage.

  • Document creation and output management in one
    All document processes, from data collection to shipping and archiving are centrally managed - there's only a few systems on the market that can handle that much responsibility.
  • Practiced customer focus
    Almost half of all new features and improvements are demonstrably based on suggestions from our customers.
  • State of the art software
    Release 6, which is based on Java EE technology, was introduced onto the market in 2010 and has been continuously improved and expanded ever since.
  • kühn & weyh has 35 years of experience in the market
    You'll notice the difference, on a project level and in product maturity.

Current  Release 6.7 came in April of 2016.