Heading for the goal - CCM with the Series M/

A powerful CCM system like Series M/ solves both tasks at the required qualitative and quantitative level.

Consistent document processes controlled by Series M/ ensure that all necessary information is collected during the creation process in a format-neutral manner and separately from the content in the internal document format. 

  • From the resulting raw documents, any physical or digital format can be generated individually for each customer. 
  • In the case of print output, the Postage and Shipping Optimization component ensures the greatest possible savings in resources and costs.
  • Digital output channels such as e-mail, portals, messengers, etc. can be connected to the Output Management M/OMS and controlled in a media-compatible manner.   
  • Via cross- or omnichannel management, the system selects any output channels depending on the customer profile.

The Series M/ offers you the technological basis to master the step-by-step transition to the digital world. 

You achieve immediately noticeable functional and economic improvements in your daily business and at the same time create the basis for exploiting the enormous potential of digital customer communication. Customer Communications Management with the M/ series becomes the hub of your document processes.

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Technical Highlights of the Series M/ 

  • Modern, server-based document production 24 h operation, reliability, load distribution, scalability,
  • The system is designed for high performance and large user numbers
  • Connection of external employees via HTML5 Web Client 
  • Java EE Application Pure Java, Middleware (currently JBoss, WildFly, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic Server)
  • Stateless client-server architecture, scalability, reliability
  • High performance, job concept, data compression, persistent client caches, streamable formats
  • Operation as document service, service available company-wide, can be integrated into SOA  
  • Operation in cloud environments, docker technology

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