The Perfect Travel Advisor

M/OMS DO always knows the best and most cost effective way to get your luggage to its destination.

As long as a large portion of documents are printed and sent via post, one of the most important requirements of an output management system is reducing the cost of these physical customer communications. Output management is central to establishing procedures and processes for optimizing shipping and postage, which saves time, resources, and money.

M/OMS DO is an independent component of M/OMS. The DO stands for Dispatch Optimizer. M/OMS DO processes the shipping parameters saved by its forerunner system, M/OMS. Application data such as postal rates is saved separately, and can be easily updated or changed. Based on this data, the shipment is processed, including

  • Electronic franking
  • Optimization for postage and shipping costs
  • Enclosure control

Finally, the system prepares all necessary shipping and account papers, either electronically or on paper: delivery receipts, shipping lists, accompanying documents such as container or palette labels, and more.