Document Creation with M/TEXT

Understand the principle and conquer every challenge.

Physical and digital documents form the basis of any successful customer communication. The better the type and contents of the communication are matched to the customer, the more effective it will be. If you understand this principle, and are able to implement it efficiently in terms of both output and communication processes, you will continue to find and reach your customers in the future.

The following demonstrates how M/TEXT can support you in terms of customer communications management (CCM), and how important it is to have an integrated CCM solution that masters the principle of individual communication and puts it into effect at the point of document creation.

How relevant content is made

Quality your customers will love

High quality documents will stand the test of time

  • with accurate, individualized contents
  • with an appealing company design
  • via the medium preferred by your customers

Create a positive impression, ensure relevance, and reduce rates of return.

Worthwhile content is created using quality data. M/TEXT's extensive interface strategy makes use of all available data sources to create optimally individualized communication.

M/TEXT is your source for all company documents. It creates universal basic documents which can then be used to generate any and all required formats, physical or digital, such as letters, e-mails, SMS, barrier free PDFs and more.

Automation optimizes your processes

Document processes that are, as much as possible, triggered by events and run by the system with minimal human interaction are simply unbeatable in terms of efficiency, cost, and security. Our goal: industrialization of the value-added chain.

M/TEXT is designed to carry out automated processes, either fully automated or batch processing tasks. It is capable of managing tasks with print runs in the millions, all within the assigned time.
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Even without full automation, your interactive online document creation can be prepared largely automatically. Users profit from our 'intelligent' Editor, which, once set up, can be used to efficiently complete the documents. The central development goal of our entire M/ Product Series is to automate document processes as much as possible.

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Flexibility, for better business scope

More flexibility when developing new services and documents, in terms of application scalability, integration in environmental processes and systems, and much more.

The M/TEXT system composes documents individually down to the smallest unit, including text variations or graphic elements such as charts or images.   

Our M/Workbench development tool gives Advisors and administrators wings.

M/TEXT applications are based on modern Java EE technology, which means it is scalable, runs 24 hour operations, and has very high system stability. 

Usability, for a better work day

Project managers know: employee acceptance is an important part of application success - both in terms of user interfaces and the administration environment.

M/TEXT is perfect for any user, as the Client is available at any work station - on the web, at your desktop, or online.  

Online creation makes M/TEXT particularly popular with employees; our Editor employs modern conventions common to other word processing programs, such as Word or LibreOffice. Not only that, our 'intelligent' Editor adapts for each unique work situation, offering only those functions required by the user - no more, no less.

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