Our User Interface:
Relevant and Self Explanatory

These days employees often work at different times in different locations at work stations with disparate equipment. Finding the right user interface for each work situation is one of the basic requirements for any customer communication system for use in companies and corporations.

M/TEXT always provides the right interface for

  • a comfortable day in the office, via a Desktop Client
  • working anywhere in the world via a HTML Client
  • easy options on the go with our Java applet
  • working offline, including automatic Offline Client synchronization

Desktop Client

Interactive letter writing

User dialog for filling out address data with online access to the address database.

Navigation within the document

One click on the element within the document structure takes you right to the correct passage. 


The working view to the left of the Editor is identical to the original print image

Handling forms

For example, the program generates forms automatically and directly from the specialty application, while also filling them with data and even expanding them individually as needed.

Web Client

Intuitively access excellent service

M/TEXT is just as simple and intuitive to operate from your browser as Open Office or Word, and yet it offers all the features of a powerful word processor.

Adding free text to the Editor

As much as possible, documents are created using known data and - if necessary - expanded on an individual basis.

Selecting text models

When creating a document using ready-made text models, only those text models or dialogs actually relevant to the current application and/or position in the document are offered as options, for example introduction, offer, conditions, conclusion.