Contemporary Editing

The HTML5 client opens up completely new perspectives for creating and editing documents online or interactively:  

  • The user always works with the current version on the Web, no installation is necessary.
  • The full-fledged client, also offers WYSIWYG in the web browser during input.
  • Users will immediately find their way around the clearly structured user interface.
  • In environments where no browser application is provided for editing documents, the so-called Daemon Client can be used with the same range of functions.

M/TEXT TONIC appeals to all users because the client is adequately available at every workstation. It can be adapted exactly to the respective work situation and offers only those functions that the user needs - no more and no less.

A "tidy" surface

Standard letters like the example on the left are automated as far as possible, variants such as different course categories or varying greeting formulas can be quickly selected with a click - done.

And when it comes to individual text design, the necessary (and in this case approved) tools are immediately at hand.  

Project managers know: The success of a solution depends not least on the acceptance of the employees. Usability and clear user interfaces count for users and administrators alike.