Integration via Interfaces

Usually the data for creating customer-relevant content is not centrally available, but is distributed across numerous data sources within the company (CRM, product databases, process control, input management, etc.). In order to generate high-quality customer communication, it is crucial to draw on all data sources available in the company. For this reason, the interface strategy of Series M/ aims to integrate the system seamlessly into the IT landscape in order to be able to communicate with all relevant surrounding systems.  

  • Mutual data exchange with the systems involved  
  • Products/functions of the M/ series are called from higher-level processes 
  • The M/ series in turn calls external applications or subsequent processes 
  • At the same time, these multifaceted links must be reversible, and no profound networking of the systems must occur.

SOA compliant

Therefore, the technical connection is aligned with the standard of the service-oriented architectures SOA. This means: clear separation of business logic, data storage and document creation. In this way the products of the M/ series can be made available as company-wide available services. Entrepreneurial independence and flexibility are maintained. Just like a carabiner, two separate elements are connected at the defined interface with pinpoint accuracy and reliability - and can be easily released again if required. 

Below are some important interfaces in the context of document creation with M/TEXT TONIC. 

General interfaces

  • Java API and web services. External applications such as business applications call M/TEXT to initiate document processes, provide templates and documents with data, etc.

  • Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) as a special Java interface for connecting Single Sign-On systems

  • M/TEXT interface for calling external resources, for example to obtain additional data at runtime (online and batch)

  • Java, JavaScript and other callback interfaces, which makes data available to external systems via the system. For example, about the current processing status or statistical data for evaluation with special tools


Product specific interfaces 

  • SAP integration. The interface takes orders / data from SAP and processes them using the company-wide uniform and centrally managed M/TEXT templates. This automatically creates customer communication in the corporate design of the company. Complex programming in SAPscript or SmartForms is not required. Any status or control data is reported back to SAP. 
  • Industry solution GKV Bitmarck_21c. As part of a cooperation agreement, we have created an interface to the Bitmarck solution for health insurance management. This enables users to benefit from advantages such as automated document processes or checked document content in the correct corporate design. 
  • Industry solution GKV Oscare of kubus IT. Similar functionality as above. 
  • MS Outlook connection of the QKom GmbH. The use of M/TEXT modules in the Outlook mail service activates the company-wide layout guidelines and makes available the (legally) agreed text preserves in the company.  
  • Industry solution energy supplier kVASy® of SIV AG. The solution ensures that the requirements of municipal utilities, network operators, special purpose associations, regional suppliers, etc. are converted into perfectly functioning solutions. The module "customer communication" covers all facets of the customer correspondence to be created via the interface to the Series M/.


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