Our Interface Strategy:
the Velcro Principle

Content relevant to the customer can only be created by drawing on all data sources available to the company. That's why the Series M/ interface strategy is based on comprehensive connection to existing systems. The goal is

  • to exchange data with all relevant systems
  • can be opened from superior processes
  • can in turn open external applications or subsequent processes

The technical connections are made using the Service Oriented Architecture principle, or SOA. This ensures a clear divide between business logic, data storage, and document creation while maintaining company flexibility. It works like Velcro: two elements meet and match up exactly at the defined interface, creating a reliable connection, but can be separated again at any time as required.

The interfaces required for further optimization and output processes are called together with M/OMS. Here we are dealing with interfaces for document creation using M/TEXT.

General interfaces

External applications open M/TEXT using the Java API and webservice interfaces, for example, in order to provide templates and documents with data. Data transfer preferably takes place using XML data streams.

At the same time, M/TEXT is able to open external resources during document creation, for example in order to call up any extra data required.

Product specific interfaces

  • Former IT Manager at Grundeigentümer Versicherung, Ernst Thiel, described our SAP integration as follows: "During the SAP launch, it was important to us that we connect the Series M/ products in an SOA compatible manner. The well structured and simple to implement webservice interface made the process so easy and smooth that even the SAP consultant said: "It's never been this simple to connect an OMS with document creation, ever!"
  • Bitmarck Unternehmensgruppe offers IT solutions for health care management. Our cooperation agreement with them led to the development of an interface connected to their industry solution iskv_21c. Now BITMARCK solution users have access to advantages such as automated document processes and any number of certified document contents in the correct corporate design.