M/TEXT TONIC is the future-oriented development of M/TEXT Classic and continues its 40 years of experience in document creation. Both product lines are included in release 6.10 and can be operated in parallel (with appropriate licensing) in the same environment.

Differences between "TONIC" and "Classic" line

  • The new M/TEXT TONIC product architecture is based on the HTML5 standard and contains a full-fledged web client that is in no way inferior to the desktop client. 
  • In order to make the system even easier to use, the declarative principle has already been taken into account in the architecture of M/TEXT TONIC, while M/TEXT Classic is even more strongly influenced by the imperative principle of the script language.
  • The template and form design of M/TEXT TONIC can be created largely intuitively and without developer know-how using graphical editors. 
  • Due to these far-reaching innovations, the document templates of M/TEXT Classic are no longer compatible with those of M/TEXT TONIC. 

Commonalities of "TONIC" and "Classic"

Smooth parallel operation is possible because essential features of both product lines have remained the same: 

  • Infrastructure such as database, application server, version management etc.  
  • Resource management with project structures, metadata etc. 
  • interfaces, data models etc. 
  • Parameterization of output management with M/OMS  

This results in the following picture, according to which M/TEXT TONIC represents the (more modern) variant to operate content composition with the M/ series. 

Migration strategies

For customers who already have M/TEXT Classic in operation, there are therefore two options for migrating to the new TONIC line 

  1. Automatic migration plus a percentage X of post-processing
    We offer a migration analysis that shows to what extent an automated migration of existing resources is profitable and advisable. On the basis of these results, our consulting experts will then develop an optimal individual migration path for you.  
  2. Step-by-step migration in parallel operation
    You can immediately build new text applications based on M/TEXT TONIC and benefit from its advantages. Since M/TEXT Classic continues to run in parallel operation and all documents are still processed together, you decide yourself with which priority you migrate the existing resources.