Content Composition, Document Creation

The innovative product line

M/TEXT TONIC is the recently developed, innovative product line for content composition and document creation. It offers a maximum of user-friendliness with contemporary, clearly arranged interfaces. The operating concept follows the declarative principle: activate and configure functions simply and intuitively (graphically) instead of complex scripting. This simplifies editing and makes the template design faster and more efficient.

Communication that reaches the recipient

Valuable content comes from valuable data. The distinctive interface strategy of M/TEXT TONIC opens up all available data sources to create content with the greatest possible degree of individualisation. In the following step, this content - which is relevant for the recipient - is prepared by the output management system M/OMS for the channels and devices preferred by the recipient, formatted in the corporate design and transferred to the corresponding digital or physical output channel.

Series M/ for digital and physical communication

The CCM system is the hub in the company, through which all input and output channels can be connected to each other via cross and omni-channel management. It offers all output options from purely physical or digital output to any mixed form.  

  • the energy service provider eprimo generates both physical and digital output 
  • the online insurance company Adam Riese works purely digitally

Turntable for relevant Content

M/TEXT TONIC turns the available input sources into relevant content and outputs it in the correct format to the required output channel.

The result

High-quality communication that will continue to appeal to customers and prospects in the future because it is characterized by 

  • correct, relevant content 
  • content perfectly tailored to the output media
  • high recognition through familiar corporate design

This ensures the necessary attention from the target group, lowers the response rates and leads to a positive customer experience.

M/TEXT TONIC animates and creates dynamics

Those who can quickly adapt to the current market situation with suitable offers and take individual customer needs into account, will quickly gain a market advantage. The faster and more flexibly the necessary document templates and resources are available, the faster the new offer is on the market and with the customer.

M/TEXT TONIC makes the work of support staff and administrators easier and faster because they can design templates and forms completely graphically: 

  • Design elements of forms, document templates and content are already 'pre-designed' - the functions can be called up interactively and intuitively, without any developer know-how.  
  • Template concepts can thus be implemented much more quickly and easily.
  • The application's solutions are always transparent - thanks to standardized procedures there are no complicated 'special paths'.
  • Clearly defined functions and easy-to-understand structures facilitate internal and external support as well as the transfer of knowledge to colleagues, representatives, etc.
  • The high degree of organization of M/TEXT TONIC and the project structure of the administration tool M/Workbench help to ensure that even complex requirements and branched processes remain manageable and controllable. 

To this end, we have completely rebuilt the M/TEXT TONIC architecture according to the declarative principle, because only this allows a largely intuitive working method.

M/TEXT TONIC not only increases your reaction speed but also increases efficiency. Because the declarative method saves you developer know-how in many areas and the specialist departments can be integrated into the document processes much more easily.

Automation optimizes your processes

Document processes that are as far as possible system and event-driven, without human intervention, are unbeatably efficient, cost-effective and secure. Keyword: industrialization of the value chain.

M/TEXT TONIC is designed for automated processes such as background processing or batch processing, and can also handle document jobs in runs of millions within the specified time.
Interactive document creation in online operation or dialogue processing can also be prepared largely automatically and then completed efficiently in the 'intelligent' editor, which is adjusted to the work situation. 
An important goal of the entire M/ product series is to automate document processes as far as possible.  

Flexibility gives you room for creativity

In the development of new services and documents, in the scalability of the applications, in the integration into the surrounding processes and systems, etc.

M/TEXT TONIC composes content system-controlled and individually down to the smallest units of text variants or graphic elements such as charts etc.

Applications can be scaled as required, set to 24-hour operation or made fail-safe thanks to the modern Java EE technology on which M/TEXT TONIC is based. 


With Series M/ you create the basis for an agile CCM, with which you can operate modern customer communication on all channels, create positive customer experiences and strengthen customer loyalty. 

M/TEXT TONIC generates relevant content and creates customized communication in corporate design. The declarative method helps your employees to react much faster and more flexibly to new requirements. 



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M/TEXT Classic and TONIC

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