The Changing World of Customer Communication

Changes caused by our current communication and media revolution have a significant effect on both the content of your communication and on the format and channels used to send customer communication. The once standard letter to the customer is rapidly being replaced by personalized, usually digital messages.

  • Personalized in terms of content, format, and medium
  • Digital, optimized for mobile devices
  • Physical for indisputably important documents

Handling all these functions simultaneously means introducing a new generation of processes and documents.

Documents and processes: the next generation

The Series M/ takes care of everything. Our products manage the entire document process, which means that you can add all necessary data, metadata, and structural information to your documents during the creation process. Contents (data) and layout information are strictly separated, so that the document is not locked in to a specific format or layout. For the most part, it is only at the end of the production chain that the neutral base document is transformed into a format preferred by your customers:

  • a short SMS
  • an email containing attached documents or
  • a PDF form that can be filled out online, and is saved to your customer portal

Target formats

Based on a neutral base document, we produce any number of documents with a variety of formats in any desired physical or digital form, for any medium. Available target formats:  

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