More Series M/ Output Formats

In addition to PDF and HTML output, the Series M/ offers many formats for a variety of applications and output media:

AFP, PCL, Postscript, TIFF, PNG, SVG, XML, as well as a variety of other markup languages or formats for document description


Extensible Markup Language, or XML, allows hierarchically structured data to be displayed as text. This is why XML is currently the most popular platform independent format for exchanging data across systems.

The Series M/ is usually controlled via XML files from different source systems, which are used to create and/or continue to process documents. Of course, the Series M/ can also output documents in XML format, for use supplying external data pools or applications such as statistic tools or customer files.

Print data streams, page description formats

Unlike the markup languages, the following formats are print data streams with specific print commands, which describe the page layout exactly in the language required by the output device. Structural information such as headings, paragraphs, charts, etc. are lost when transforming (rendering) a document into the output specific format. It is not possible to retroactively select an alternative format or output for the document.


Advanced Function Printing/Presentation, or AFP, is architecture published by IBM in the mid-80s, designed for outputting documents and presenting information. The basic requirements for its inception were fast printing speed and associated resource management for mass printing.

The Series M/ has a renderer that allows for use of AFP's full functional range. The metadata required for managing subsequent systems are added to the document using sequences that are not printed or displayed (NOP/TLE).


The Printer Command Language, PCL, is  - as indicated in the name - a command language for print management. It was developed by Hewlett Packard.

The Series M/ has a PCL renderer.


The page description language was developed by Adobe and is, in many ways, a precursor to PDF.

The Series M/ has a Postscript renderer. 

Graphic output formats

In the following formats, the Series M/ Renderers output the documents as graphics.

These formats belong in a group with other pixel-based raster graphics. The Series M/ has its own TIFF and PNG renderers.

Scalable Vector Graphics is a vector-oriented graphic format based on XML. The Series M/ has a SVG renderer.

The Series M/ can also create any number of additional formats using relevant renderers. Please contact us for more information. 

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