M/View for AFP

M/View for AFP is a viewer developed by kühn & weyh that not only displays but also edits AFP print data streams.

  • It is a plug-in of M/Workbench and part of the Series M/ - used in the context of AFP Rendering.
  • It was also designed as an independent tool and can be used standalone under Windows to edit any AFP data stream.

M/View for AFP is free!

Use our viewer free of charge. Please note the privacy policy for the collection of personal data. 

Download M/View for AFP

Selected functions

  • Selection between detailed and simplified view
  • Selection of the character set for decoding text in relevant elements such as PTX, NOP ...
  • The property view shows the properties of the selected element
  • "Data"-elements in the property view can be displayed in HEX or decoded text.
  • AFP data can be edited: Delete or move structural elements.external resources are also considered if they are located in a defined folder.

System requirements

  • Java Runtime Environment 1.8 or higher
  • 1,5 GB RAM memory