Digitizing your communication processes

Interactive documents and forms that can be viewed and filled out online are a primary element of digitizing communication processes. They offer many advantages as compared to traditional methods.

  • Efficient and time saving
    Digital processes save time, money, and resources
  • Security
    With digital signatures, secure email transfers, and storage in secure customer portals
  • Improved usability
    The only fields visible are those relevant to the case and the customer; the number of data entry errors is significantly reduced thanks to checks and plausibility controls
  • Flexibility
    Modifications can be carried out quickly, efficiently, and cheaply

PDF Output - a Pillar of Modern Customer Communication

Why do PDF documents play a critical role? 

  • Binding norms provide security
    ISO committees define internationally valid, testable PDF standards - thus qualifying the documents for use all around the world.
  • Functional variety - unified base format
    Different PDF versions, such as interactive PDF, PDF/A, PDF/VT or PDF/UA fulfill very different functions, and yet remain part of the PDF format family; most importantly, they can all be viewed with a standard viewer.
  • High availability through the 'PDF Industry'
    PDF is an established standard, and the market provides extensive resources, both personnel and technical, for realizing PDF projects.