PDF Output - a pillar of modern communication

Why PDF plays a central role 

  • Safety through binding standardization
    ISO committees define internationally valid, validatable PDF standards - and qualify the documents for global use.
  • Wide range of functions - uniform basic format
    Different PDF versions, such as fillable PDF, PDF/A, PDF/VT or PDF/UA, fulfill completely different tasks, but always remain part of the PDF format family and can all be displayed with the standard viewer.
  • High availability thanks to "PDF Industry"
    The standard is mature and the market has considerable human and technical resources available to implement PDF projects. 

Barrier-free documents according to PDF/UA standard

The provision of barrier-free documents is an essential aspect of digitisation - with increasing economic and socio-political relevance for over 1 million visually impaired and blind people in Germany alone. Accessible documents must meet a number of criteria such as:

  • Well structured content with marked headings, paragraphs, enumerations etc.
  • Table of contents with direct navigation to the topics
  • Description of the document
  • Easily legible fonts and font sizes
  • Alternative texts for audiovisual elements, images and graphics
  • No meaningful role for colours etc.

The M/ series ensures that the information or 'metadata' for these criteria is placed in the document largely automatically. Assistive technologies such as screenreader access it later, so that, for example, multi-column texts or tables can be read out correctly later.

Accessibility against exclusion

Three important arguments for barrier-free documents with PDF/UA

  • With barrier-free documents in PDF/UA format, even people with disabilities have easy access to your documents and you stand out from the competition. 
  • Barrier-free documents in PDF/UA have the mobility bonus, i.e. they are automatically optimized for small screens or mobile devices: The text is always wrapped to fit the screen size (as with HTML), horizontal scrolling is not necessary. No other PDF format is capable of this!

The PDF Renderer of the M/ series also includes the output format PDF/UA. Therefore all customers using this renderer can professionally create barrier-free documents without additional license costs. See also 'Accessible documents - made by Serie M/' in valid PDF/UA format.

How to digitalize your communication processes

Interactive documents and forms that can be filled out online are a key element in the digitization of communication processes. They offer a number of advantages compared to traditional methods.

  • Efficiency and time saving 
    with digital processes that save time, costs and resources
  • Security
    through digital signature, secure e-mail transmission or storage in the protected customer portal
  • Usability improvement  
    because only situational relevant fields appear, input errors are reduced with checks and plausibility checks
  • Flexibility
    Modifications can be implemented quickly, efficiently and economically  

Practice proves:
It also works without!

The IT service provider Pregis has established a completely paperless and consistently digital communication process with the M/ series. It connects the company headquarters with the field service or customers - practically without delay and without media discontinuity. Output and input merge seamlessly. There is an article about this in the German IT magazine BIT.

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