PDF Output - a Pillar of Modern Customer Communication

Why do PDF documents play a critical role? 

  • Binding norms provide security
    ISO committees define internationally valid, testable PDF standards - thus qualifying the documents for use all around the world.
  • Functional variety - unified base format
    Different PDF versions, such as interactive PDF, PDF/A, PDF/VT or PDF/UA fulfill very different functions, and yet remain part of the PDF format family; most importantly, they can all be viewed with a standard viewer.
  • High availability through the 'PDF Industry'
    PDF is an established standard, and the market provides extensive resources, both personnel and technical, for realizing PDF projects.

A practical PDF example: improved sales efficiency

Our integration partner Pregis, a large international IT service provider, uses the Series M/ to digitize their communication processes. For customer service employees, for example, it works like this:

  1. For planned visits to customers, the sales employee uses an intranet application to request the necessary data and visitor forms.
  2. M/TEXT creates a PDF form that can be filled in digitally, fills it with current data from the SAP CRM module, and provides that form to the team member, who adjusts it during their visit to the customer.
  3. If they are online at the time, they can send the information back immediately. If not, they save the document and transfer it to company headquarters at a later date.
  4. At company headquarters, the data is automatically uploaded to the CRM module and evaluated.

This creates a paperless, consistently digital, practically delay-free process that combines input and output effortlessly.

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Digitizing your communication processes

Interactive documents and forms that can be viewed and filled out online are a primary element of digitizing communication processes. They offer many advantages as compared to traditional methods.

  • Efficient and time saving
    Digital processes save time, money, and resources
  • Security
    With digital signatures, secure email transfers, and storage in secure customer portals
  • Improved usability
    The only fields visible are those relevant to the case and the customer; the number of data entry errors is significantly reduced thanks to checks and plausibility controls
  • Flexibility
    Modifications can be carried out quickly, efficiently, and cheaply