An Excellent Choice

Together with their IT service provider, IBM Austria, the Austrian Job Market Service - AMS has planned the introduction of a new system for document creation and output management. After an intensive assessment phase, and in competition with Austrian bidders, the M/ Series won the contract. To win, in accordance with strategic planning, the product had to be a marketable standard product and meet the European requirements for accessibility, which, as of 2016, are binding for public sector companies. Our standard M/ Series software allows for the creation of barrier free documents in accordance with the international PDF/UA standard.

The initial goal of the project is now to replace the existing document solutions on a variety of system architectures with a central platform for desktop, server, and web applications.

... for a Strategic Task

The project is currently in a preparatory phase, in which the software and infrastructure are being furnished. Our Austrian sales partner Exordium is developing the style guide on which the document framework will be based, which will also provide the basis for all additional expansion stages of the complete solution.

Approximately 5,500 AMS employees will use the strategic solution to create about one document per second during their core working hours; it will be rolled out across the entire company for all business and consulting processes. The new solution will support AMS as they pave the way for new digital output channels, helping them communicate more efficiently and find placements with greater success.

... more information in the AMS project overview