We Create and Optimize Documents Designed to Communicate With Your Customers

The world is in transition: it won't be long before digital communication replaces the mailman. 

Right now we take it for granted that documents from the bank or the insurance company are sent in the mail and stored in a folder at home. But many customers are already choosing to receive their cell phone or electrical bill via email, or perhaps to have the invoice saved in an online customer account; often, notifications are sent via SMS when the invoice is ready. Documents are no longer printed and sent, but instead simply shared digitally. More and more (young) people are switching to this form of digital customer communication; after all, it's practical, secure, and environmentally friendly.

Can you really kill two birds with one stone?
In the mail and via digital media

Companies that want to stay successful in our changing world have to use both methods of customer communication. Ideally, your customers will have a choice between receiving a letter or downloading the information from the cloud - automatically. Of course, this significantly increases the effort required to personalize business documents: in addition to ensuring that customer information and content is accurate, you also have to ensure that the format is suitable for both digital and print media, and can be posted or sent digitally, a challenge known in the industry as multi-channel output management.

The solution is Customer Communications Management, and you're in the right place: we are at the cutting edge of COM technology. 

As a user, administrator, organizer, or IT manager, you deal with these challenges in different ways. An Output Management System (OMS) on the cutting edge of technology is currently the only economic, sustainable, and elegant solution. Don't believe us? Take a look at our references! Customer Communications Management describes the holistic approach of the Series M/, which supports the entire document life cycle, from creation to printing and filing.

The OMS principle works as follows:

enter all relevant data concerning the customer, the business transaction etc. into the OMS. It can then automatically make the right decisions and manage the correct processes.

  • The good news for users: there's no need to processor send the document yourself. Instead, you can focus on more important tasks, such as customer care.
  • The good news for support teams and managers: this systems allows you toflexibly and efficiently manage necessary documents and processes, and makes implementing new documents and processes a breeze.

Our Series M/ product suite supports you
every step of the way.

The M/Series is a tried and true system from a single source. It allows companies with high levels of documentation to model the entire document process, from document creation to output. Modern Java EE technology ensures that even document production in the millions can be processed securely, in a controlled manner, and within a set time period.

But software alone is not enough.
The human element is crucial.

For 35 years, we have focused on questions of personalization and automation for document creation and Output Management. Countless projects have given us the experience that our customers profit from every step of the way: detailed problem analysis during the planning phase, hands on experience with realization, and professional placement for training and educational sessions. You decide the role we play: our involvement can include anything from consulting to full on project management and implementation.