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What is kühn & weyh doing?


We ensure that the customer communication of companies and organisations reaches the target group in a target-oriented and successful way - no matter what content, no matter what channel.

We have been operating this Customer Communication Management CCM very successfully for 40 years with the help of our M/ product series. It can be flexibly combined and individually configured to create tailor-made solutions. With each release, we expand and optimize our products so that today we offer one of the most innovative CCM systems on the market.

But software alone is not enough - people matter. That's why we attach great importance to working together with our customers on projects. This leads to solutions that employees like to use internally and that give companies an optimal appearance at the customer's site.

100 Percent Digital 

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Digital & physiscal communication 

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A CCM Solution for more than 8000 users

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This is SMART: Dynamic HTML documents

Flexible content in responsive Design ► Example health insurance billing

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